Ever wish you could score a super fly, one-of-a-kind boom box? Well, now you have a friend in the bass business - Case of Base. And to a certain extent, Ruphus too. For Design Week Portland we put together this masterpiece with a nod to the man himself, DaVinci.

Mona is a fully functional phone based radio/speaker system in the style of boomboxes of the heyday of the early 80's. And she's a pannier as well! We were excited to put this together for an auction that Ezra at Case of Bass put together at Hellion Gallery. In his words,

We are giving 20 local designers, artists and craftspeople a kit containing all of the necessary components to build a stereo system.  These folks will then build a custom designed case for these parts.  All cases will be auctioned off the night of October 11th with profits going to the Children’s Cancer Association and the Doug Flutie Jr foundation for Austism in the memory of Bob Saff.


Great stuff all around + fantastic to see all the creativity put into the designs. Proud to be working with the likes of John Jay (WK), Spacecraft PDX, QuraterTwenty + all the other fine folks involved.

20131010_mona_0186 copy.jpg
20131010_mona_0324 copy.jpg
20131010_mona_0117 copy.jpg

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