Heirloom quality, that you can ride.

With our latest wood bike, the Woodsman, we have created wood and steel beauty designed to be your go-to urban bike. Every wood bike needs steel for the connection to the components, and most try to hide that steel behind intricate joinery. We decided to show it off and make it distinct from the wood part. The wood can then be left to do what it does best on a bike, absorb vibrations.

By laminating 11 layers of canadian maple with a two-part marine-grade epoxy (similar to skateboard manufacturing), we are able to create complex geometries with out joinery and with the grain always running the same direction as the "tubes." By varying the width and number of laminates, and by including layers of carbon fiber in the lay-ups, we can vary the amount of stiffness and spring for each bike.

We've designed it to be fun to ride and simple to maintain. A 2-speed, automatic-shifting hub and a coaster break eliminate the need for any cables and frees you up to dart in and out of traffic. An integrated walnut fender keeps you dry elegantly, and a matching glove box stows your wallet, phone and keys. 

The Woodman is a working prototype, and we are riding and testing it and working on variations. It is not yet available to the public, but we hope it will be soon. Please contact us if you like to be kept aware of our progress.

Take a look at the gallery to see our previous wood bike examples.


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