We've slowly been appearing in blogs, magazines + various publications over the past few months + wanted to say thanks for the all the good words + feedback. Keep in mind we've only had Ruphus rolling for 5 months now + even though we've been working on the products for years it takes time to get back to everyone.

We are super excited about all the ideas + have been working diligently to incorporate a few new things into the mix. Over the course of the spring and summer we will be putting together a few pieces that should catch some eyes.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to drop a line + let us know what is working for you. What do you foresee in your future that requires a good wood solution? Does a Podpad in a custom size figure into your plans? What about some desktop organization?

Here are a few of our fav links + reviews in case you missed 'em. 

wiredtreehugger, werd, + Coolhunting


What they are saying...

Podpad is almost as thin as Kelly Ripa.
— the SpareFoot Blog
All I have to say is wow. The Slim Wood Rack/Fender is the reason we like good design and wood. It goes to show that when you understand materials such as Ruphus design does, you can craft just about anything.
...the purposefully-designed rear-wheel fenders are too clever and practical to gloss over.
[the Podpad is] the Murphy bed of desks.