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Bowie is designed for 700C and 26” wheels

Determine the installation position. For bikes with no rear caliper brakes, install Bowie above the brake bridge (or below if it fits between the bridge and the tire.) For bikes with brakes, install Bowie above the brake. Use supplied stainless steel bracket for attachment to the brake bridge. Drill 2 holes thru the wood to insert supplied bolts and secure with washer and nuts below the rack.

Level the rear portion of the rack for appropriate look. Stainless steel stays come attached to the bottom of the rack. Swing stays down to align with the braze-ons. Screw supplied black, stay clamps to braze-ons, insert stays, level rack and tighten bolts at stay clamps. You may need to mark and cut the stays with a hack saw to shorten them.

Note: if your bike doesn’t have braze-ons for the stay clamps, contact us for a retrofit kit which comes with coated p-clamps to secure toward the bottom of your stays.

Contact us at Ruphus if you have any questions.

Enjoy Bowie and make nice!

bowie info photos.jpg