When will "out of stock" items be available? 

As a new company that is focused on quality over speed we are constantly doing out best to refine our offerings as well as keep our people happy. We assure you that "out of stock" items will be available soon but don't hesitate to drop us an email + express your interest so we can update you personally.


 Can you ship outside the US?

in a nutshell, yes. We are working on smoothing this process out even more but we are happy to ship worldwide.  


What phone models is Dockit compatible with?

Currently Dockit comes in two versions - iPhone 4/4s + iPhone 5/5s/5c. We have an Android version in the works as well - let us know what models you would like to see.

Just as important is the size of the case that fits with Dockits snug fit. Send us an note + we'll let you know if it works for you (specs coming soon). 


Does the Bowie rack/fender work with panniers? 

This is possible but in its current form that was never the intention. Its cantilevered good looks are perfect for daily items, a grocery bag, a six pack, etc. We are working on a pannier friendly version.


Will Slim fit my bike?

Good question. Slim uses the brake bridge for support, so it doesn't work with caliper brakes already mounted there. Since bikes have varying geometries to their seat stays, we have created three different versions for small, medium + large frames. It comes with mounting hardware including extra washers to align the fender so that it can be mounted level to the ground. 



How does wood hold up in the weather?



Wood boats + planes have been around for centuries. In the past there might have been issues but advances in machining techniques + finishing products have really made wood a premium material. All of our bike products are professionally finished in a two part polyurethane exterior finish which stands up to our long, wet winters here in Portland, OR. We think you'll be very happy.